The WAN Show: Google Chrome Wasting Battery & iPhone 6 Specs Leaked – July 18th, 2014

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Table of Contents (thanks AmateurPCGuy, DoozyDiglett, Dietrichw, Speedstack79,Windows7323, and Random Person)

0:00:00 They’re late… by 5 minutes
0:00:53 Google’s 2-step Verification – Linus can’t log in on the doc!
0:02:55 Headlines/Intro/Sponsor Spots (Squarespace/Five-Four Club)
0:05:39 iPhone 6 Specs leaked
0:07:00 Discussion: MKBHD’s video on iPhone 6’s Sapphire Glass Display (Part 1: / Part 2:
0:08:40 Discussion:…

25 Comments on The WAN Show: Google Chrome Wasting Battery & iPhone 6 Specs Leaked – July 18th, 2014

  1. Lol, luckily i dont use chrome in school where battery life actually mattered since i dont want my 20 tabs to be redirected to my school's website. Now, this is an upside for IE but it seems like my school fking hates on IE lol.

  2. The iphone 5s fingerprint sensor is NOT secure at all. I was dining out with some friends and a friend of mine just took my phone, put his thumb over it and it fucking unlocked…. Somehow.

  3. Chess is considered a sport because of the ambiguity of what physical exertion is. Straining your mind can physically effect you causing headaches and other physical anomalies. So with that in mind i thing that dota can be considered a sport.  

  4. I feel that after switching from Firefox to Chrome on my Android phone has also caused my battery to die faster. I don't know if that is the real cause or not, but it feels suspicious that my phone is dying at half the time after install.. Can anyone else confirm having a similar issue with their phone??

  5. Linus says Slick is looking pretty 'jacked' ? The kid is pudgy.  You can see his man boobs jiggle through his shirt.

    Also I like how Linus can't stop laughing at his own terrible jokes, but forces himself to laugh when Slick makes a joke.  Neither are funny, but Slick genuinely laughs at something funny or not.  Linus is just a fake faggot.

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