The Uncut YouTube Starter Guide! (Tips, Tricks & More)

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Today I have a very special video for you guys! Today I am going to be teaching you how to get started with YouTube in this ultimate guide and give you all my tips and tricks to start and build a steady growing channel. You’ll learn how to set up your YouTube channel, how to make quality videos, how to promote and how to drive engagement on your videos! I hope this YouTube starter guide helps you out, let me know if you want to see more!

If you guys want more guides on how to make videos on YouTube, grow your YouTube channel to get more views/subscribers, or anything else for beginners / starters please let me know!

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27 Comments on The Uncut YouTube Starter Guide! (Tips, Tricks & More)

  1. Hi guys just started YouTube and it feels like I'm not getting anywhere. I make real life soccer videos with my brother and friends I also make black ops 3 videos with more friends. It means nothing to you but a lot to me if you could press that subscribe button on my channel.

  2. Great Video!, I love watching your videos Ziovo. I totally agree with you on youtubers turning criticism into something that should encourage and inspire them to do better. I have had that idea since I started my "Let's Play Skyrim series". I'm not much yet, but I know I'm growing lol.

  3. OK all the things are setup thank you so much but now there is something I wanna know how to record my gaming without lag I tried a lot of programs but all of them makes my game lag a lot

  4. hi guys i like to make gamming videos. right now im on undertale because i have no other game suggestions so if u guys have any suggestions for games i would love to hear them P.S…anyone who subscribes to me ill subscribe back…..

  5. Hey everyone. Ive been doing youtube now for only a few weeks and wanting to make good content entertaining for everyone. ive put alot of effort in my videos and hope you all like them. my channel is a gaming channel, games like Halo, BF 4 and BF 1 when i comes out. and many more. thanks for all your support i really appreciate it

  6. Guys I'm stressing over a YouTube channel name it would be helpful if somebody thought of some ideas
    Favourite colour: Blue
    Name: Taylor
    Topic: Gaming
    Favourite game: GTA and BO3
    Please help mee:)

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