The Ultimate Redmi Note 3 Glass Test

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Featuring Hugo Barra and Jai Mani!

46 Comments on The Ultimate Redmi Note 3 Glass Test

  1. hey Jai, i think u no India very well to fool them showing anything…yah i agree with you u can, but seriously guys don't make fool of yourself. Actually i was thinking to buy this phone but after seeing this video i changed my decision….

  2. Hugo !! just go … get lost man !!! jai u also join him ! there r limits for bull shitting !!!! its screen can not survive 3 feet drop also ( I have a proof )……..! u guys r fooling ppl !!! remember u cannot fool Indian customers !!! hum chutiye nahi hai

  3. Xiaomi is making fun Indian customers. 32GB variant of Redmi Note is always out of stock, if Xioami can't put it on sale so why they made it. The FP Selfie and FP App don't doesn't work in 16GB variant. Xiaomi is lying and they are cheating us.
    This video is FAKE too…

  4. this video is totally fake because firstly they didn't said what type of screen protection they r using and second thing is that, i accept those first two tests scratch and hoverboard because they can survive but the last two tests dumbbell and the car one are totally fake because in my opinion only Moto X force or Droid turbo 2 can survive this extreme tests.

  5. Seriously? that crazy about what people criticize about your phone? then better provide those qualities to shut them up, preferable to stage a video to be mocked more! It'd be better if you let us know about Marshmellow(6.0.1) update.

    P.S.– I am not among them who hates Xiaomi, I ordered one even after getting rejected in all your staged 'flash sales' . And would b happy if was waterproof at least( now please don't make another fake video in response ).

  6. Used it and experienced the 3rd class quality of the screen. Used redmi 1s for 2yrs dropped 100 times not even a scratch. Rn3 dropped once and the screen has shattered. Performance is too good as expected but really very disappointed with the screen quality. Kind of boasted to friends about it. But feeling bad now. Plz could you replace it with dragontrail. I am ready to pay a few extra bucks.

  7. +Xiaomi India
    The Redmi Note 3 is one of the best performing phones at this price range. The performance and battery life were exceptional, it had no heating issues and it got fully charged in 2 hours. On the whole, I was very satisfied with the phone. It's been 24 days since I took the phone.I am very much disappointed with the quality of the service and quality of the product that they deliver. On 24/05/2016 when I woke in the morning I was shocked to see my display cracked. It didn't fall down and it was where it was placed. The interesting fact is that the display is broken but I had tempered glass over it and that is not broken (proof that it has not been dropped down, if I dropped it the tempered glass would have been affected). So I went to Xiaomi service center in Cochin and they denied the case saying that the display crack is produced by putting the phone in the pocket. But then I think the above video is utterly fake as the pressure of putting it in the pocket is causing the display to crack. If the video is not fake, accept it as a manufacture defect as the phone is not having a single scratch all over the body or over the tampered glass. If you don't value your customer satisfaction nor about the quality of the product you deliver, then ignore this. But then I regret suggesting this phone to many of my friends. This is my complaint id : '1747699'. Its been 5 days since I raised the complaint still no updates, Very pathethic service. Please see the attached photos.

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