The State of HTC Vive With Shen Ye – CES 2016

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We talk with Shen Ye of HTC about the latest version of the HTC Vive with its pass though camera.

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39 Comments on The State of HTC Vive With Shen Ye – CES 2016

  1. 1080p was not good enough for me. I think the Oculus nailed with me, that high res screen is what I want. I really could careless about the controllers if the screen is pixelated

  2. More interested in this than the Oculus rift. I am not a fan of the oculus price tag or the sell out and waste full marketing strategies… A xbox controller… I do not want it or need it so that is 50 bucks extra on that tag that does not need to be there, and everything else they have going. The poor marketing is what is going to kill vr if anything is …

  3. 970 is what the oculus recommends. It's not designed for everyone to use. It's for the high end gamers as well. But this is far better in the sense that you can actually walk around

  4. I don't understand why we keep seeing joysticks or wands instead of gloves with haptic feedback. it doesn't make since to have this wands that act as hand when you already have the best tool. as long as you provide haptic feedback in the gloves you will be able to give the player an even more imersive experience.

  5. so lemme get this straight. it's less system requirements and an inferior product to the 2-panel Oculus Rift product. They also dont seem to tip that its all cheap chinese production vs Oculus' silicon valley quality.

  6. Oculus and Vive are both obviously targeted towards the more 'hardcore' crowd in the gaming community. And since Vive seems to be the better product, and its target audience has a lot of money to throw around, I expect the Vive to be the more popular product.

  7. I hope they shock the world like Sony did with the initial price of the PS4 related to the Xbox One at launch. If they price the Vive $100 cheaper than the Ocolus they'll make a lot of money

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