The skill to replace Sony Xperia Z cover flaps

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Are you troubled by removing the Sony Xperia Z USB cover? If yes, the skill here is useful. Don’t miss it.
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00:05 The tool you need — a twist tie
00:48 Remove the SIM card cover
02:01 Remove the headphone jack port cover
03:40 Remove the Micro SD card cover
04:38 Remove the USB port cover
05:34 Install new Xperia Z cover flaps
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28 Comments on The skill to replace Sony Xperia Z cover flaps

  1. hey bro my xperia z back screen broke and the power button . when i tried to remove the back cover there is ablack  tape that got off . how is this tape called so i can buy it and how can i place it?

  2. Hi bro, please help me, my z3 plastic part of charge flaps is cut and i lost the waterproof function, now i wanna try to fix it without opening the phone, ican do this? And if i do that i Lose the waterproof function?

  3. Большое спасибо. Благодаря Вашей инструкции поменял заглушку самостоятельно. Это помогло сэкономить мне приличную сумму денег.

    Thank you very much. Thanks to your instructions i replaced the cover independently. It helped me to save a decent amount of money.

  4. Thanks to you my friend my phone could be ruined without your helpful tips cause I had the speaker flap was cut so I got a new one but the supplier told me that he must open the phone to change it and actually I don't like to open a phone and especially if it was for a tiny job like that
    I actually did and it did work with just a simple piece of metal

    Thanks again man!!!!

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