The Rugged Galaxy S7 Active!

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S7 Active = A tougher version of Samsung’s best phone.

Galaxy S7 Review:

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  1. If you want to use the Active on another carrier you still can. You just need to buy it outright and go to to unlock it. Just keep in mind it is still an AT&T phone so all the bands you need in the phone may not be there. Though it is on a GSM network, so it's better than if it were a Sprint exclusive!

  2. I was getting more and more amped about it as you went on and then had to come back down to earth when you said it was exclusive. I hate att. Does it still charge wirelessly with the thicker shell?

  3. I've had an S4 active for almost three years now and have had very few issues with it. I've been waiting to upgrade to a new phone so I'm very happy this guy came out. I plan on picking one up tomorrow couldn't be more excited.

  4. That would be like the PERFECT flagship smartphone!!! Super long battery life and really, really durable! Plus the top specs of the S7/S7 edge. What else could you wish for in a flagship phone?!

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