The Perfect iPhone 7 Headphones

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iPhone 7 Rumors = no headphone jack? Here’s a review on a pair of headphones that show the positive side of that.
Audeze EL-8 Titanium Lightning Headphones:
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Galaxy S7 Edge: 48 Hours Later!

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33 Comments on The Perfect iPhone 7 Headphones

  1. Iphone 8 would probably separate the camera from the phone itself and we need like an extension to take a picture.
    Iphone 9 would separate the keyboard
    Iphone 10 would separate the home button
    Iphone 11 would seperate the screen

  2. Planar magnetic headphones tend to need a lot of power to drive them. Does this have a battery or the phone provides the electrical power to the amp? Iphones aren't known to have the longest battery life to begin with

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