The Original Android Hangout Show Episode 78

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The Original Android Hangout Show returns tonight at 9pm ET to discuss Android Wear, tips, tricks, apps, and possibly a few developer tidbits to keep my friend +Steve Albright happy! Join +Daniel Charlton , Steve, and myself in about 2 hours. Bring your questions about #wearables  and #AndroidWear.

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  1. So if you are wondering about Android Wear this show is pretty much all about Wear… +Derek Ross and I are both Glass Explorers. It's interesting to see our different opinions in what we think of Android Wear in our life right now.  How it compares to Glass, works in coexistence with Glass, etc.  

    Next week I am determined to talk about other new gadgets I have like Android TV along with a few other things that have been piling up.  

    Our show is usually only 30min but how was this one being an hour? …was an hour too long?  

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