The new Xperia Z1 smartphone and QX10 smart lens from Sony

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42 Comments on The new Xperia Z1 smartphone and QX10 smart lens from Sony

  1. due to my big search on the internet and comparing smartphones in features, benefits and prices… i saw that Xperia Z1 is the best best smartphone. 
    i advice you to go to any website and compare

  2. No you won't pick up girls with these lenses. It's a waste of money. Better chance getting laid using that money on getting her completely smashed. Ummm yeah, not really my style. Buy yourself a Sony NEX or A6000

  3. the only bad point about this lens is you have to be in wifi range to use it !!!  it would be so much better if it was also bluetooth !!    maybe thats the next  version … ;)

  4. I' had got Sony z1 from about ten days, I found out that when I am taking photo the phone freeze for about 5 minutes anybody acanthus help me to solve this problem 

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