The new Moto X Force – Introducing the world’s first shatterproof screen

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The new Moto X Force with MotoShatterShield™ technology is designed to fit your lifestyle. Running on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor, it lets you play, stream and multitask at lightning speed. The powerful battery lasts up to 48hrs and recharges up to 13hrs in just 15 minutes. And our high-performance 21MP and
5MP cameras each boast an individual flash, making it ideal for landscape photographers and selfie lovers alike.

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17 Comments on The new Moto X Force – Introducing the world’s first shatterproof screen

  1. i'm one of the bigest motorola fans
    i would like to see motorola one of the famous company
    in the holl world we need it to be batter then the other companys
    my opinion to motorola to make the moto x style the most important phone in motorola like samsung s and the droid like the note in samsung
    we need it to put a teach id in the back or in a good place
    then we need it to make her own app like samsungs apps
    and the inside look
    and the front off camera
    then if they would like to make edge that's Depends on them
    and more and more and more
    till it be one of the bigest companys
    if that happen i swear that motorola will be batter
    the last thing to open many stores in many countrys
    there isn't motorola's phone in Gulf countries and Africa also there isn't mony in Asia
    there 's only in america and some off eurpean countrys
    the only thing that i wish for motorola to regroup with motorola Solutions
    to rebuild motorola company
    i wish that one off the motorola's company will read my comment
    and peace to everyone who works in motorola

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