The new iPhone 6S: What’s new compared to the 6?

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The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are here: they look similar to last year’s iPhones, but the differences are lurking under the hood. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s changed.

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41 Comments on The new iPhone 6S: What’s new compared to the 6?

  1. You still can't send a pdf or any other file other than a photo or video on a Reply email on IOS. How crazy is that? Android, Windows have at least a business concept. IOS is for the high school girl.

  2. Whats new…. Well

    Faster processor
    12mpx camera
    5mpx Face camera
    4K video recording
    3D touch
    A new color

    If this is not important to you then keep waiting for other models. You dont have to buy the new model every year. Unless your phone is pretty beat up, just wait 2 or 3 years.

  3. The 3d touch is so stupid. You honestly dont need that i have been using apps fine all these years without some extra touch stuff. The other new stuff like camera and processor are much more notable.

  4. Pretty sure others hv probably brought this up but does that mean the 3D touch won't work on iPhone 6 / 6+ or lower since they don't have the new pressure sensitive screen. I am on the record that this 3D touch can easily be mimiced with long press / long long press 🙂 when all we need is just a setting to disable the 'wiggling' on home screen and of course, auto add extra row for the copy paste stuff. The 3D touch feature would still work. Or is apple planning to use this to get people to upgrade and not provide the feature for older iphone? Any one got news on this.

  5. Whats new compared to the iPhone 6???
    For the people who have to watch how much they spend. NOTHING New!
    For tech heads who either got the money or just don't give a F. Everything is new. Shoot the design to them is probably 0.1% slimmer. Thats enough to get them.

  6. easiest thing to say new things better glass and aluminum, pressure display, ios 9, smaller battery, same 720p display found in $99 tablet ( its 2015 not 2008), better camera, dumb upgrade plan (loaning a phone and quit being cheap and use the money and buy it) , thicker, screen flash, still slow charging (its 2014 quick charge) ,dumb ios upgrades, and a new Rip off price apple people like to pay to make them look rich even though they poor (Accept it)

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