The New HTC ONE M10 Review New Features

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The design of the HTC 10 will no doubt be a topic of heated debate once more, because HTC has largely stuck to the design of last year’s models, as that of the One M7, M8 and M9. HTC
The most striking design feature of the HTC 10 is the very wide, diamond-cut edges on the back of the device. These wide edges have received additional polishing, while the rest of the slightly curved back is brushed and has a shimmering matte appearance.

The wide diamond cut and the curved back of the HTC 10 makes it appear as though floating when laid flat, and offers it the impression of a
On the front of the device, HTC fans have become accustomed to a rather faceless smartphone, and the HTC 10 takes this further. The HTC logo between the fingerprint sensor and the display has disappeared, leaving a brandless smartphone behind. HTC has also modified the classic BoomSound stereo speaker, so that at the front, only one speaker can be seen, at the top of the device. The second speaker is placed out…

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