The new BlackBerry® Passport smartphone. See the bigger picture

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Don’t limit yourself to the narrow world of today’s phones. Boundary-breaking and purpose-built for productivity, the BlackBerry® Passport comes with a new large square touch screen for an amazing viewing and reading experience, giving you wider vision that unleashes your capabilities to do mobile business the way you have always wanted. BlackBerry Passport also comes with a touch-enabled keyboard that lets you perform many touch functions right on the keyboard.

13 Comments on The new BlackBerry® Passport smartphone. See the bigger picture

  1. I have been a blackberry fan since 2008, even knowing blackberry lost its way against Apple, it is still a classic device, seeing it go up like this, with these awesome new phones, makes me smile and i can finally have a blackberry as my main daily device. I have had an iPhone but it does not feel the same way as the BB does, in a way you dont really feel secure and safe with your information and it doesn't matter if you have important information or not, our information should always be ours if its a picture of a car or your bank details shouldn't make a difference . every single spec of the Passport is better than the new iPhone 6s ( beside the camera), I hope they continue to grow and just don't loose this spark which passport injected them with, not a lot of people care that much about privacy but they should, all of us should, its one of those things that still means freedom and being outside of everyone's reach . I am definitely one customer BB will never lose.

  2. The last Blackberry device I had was the Curve 8350i with Nextel. Since then I have had the Samsung Instinct, HTC Evo, HTC Evo Shift, iPhone 4s, HTC One (m7), and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Thank you for making this phone. This is by far the best device that I have used. Mind you I work at a mobile phone retailer so I get to have my hands on a lot of devices everyday. I wish you success for with this phone. Unfortunately it is not available on most US carriers other than AT&T and I wish that the design wasn't changed for them. I was able to buy this phone unlocked from Amazon and easily placed it onto T-Mobile without any problems, ditching my current carrier, Verizon. Sacrificing service was something that I was willing to do just to have my hands on this phone and I have no regrets about doing so. I hope Blackberry as a company can really make a mark in US markets again. Thank you again for all the hard work that your employees do.

  3. Getting mine tomorrow, I can't wait! How long will it take for others to copy all the awesome innovations in this baby. People think it's just about the size but do a little research and you see all the beauty that this phone has to offer. Personally can't wait to try blend and txt my iPhone friends on my computer 

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