The Nest: VR Sniper Gameplay in HTC Vive Virtual Reality

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Gameplay and overview of The Nest, a VR sci-fi sniper game for the HTC Vive where you kill robots from a sniper nest.

The Nest is an early access virtual reality game for the HTC Vive that costs $10. In its current form, the game has you sitting in a snipers nest in a ruined city, sniping robot guards that patrol the streets and rooftops. Choose from night mode with a night vision scope, or day mode with a regular sniper scope. You can currently play practice mode, which gives you unlimited time to kill your enemies, or time trial mode where you have a limited time to succeed. More gameplay modes are coming, like campaign and multiplayer modes.

There are 3 difficulties in The Nest. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. These modes determine how fast you can kill robots, and how fast the robots will kill you. In Beginner mode, you can kill robots with a single shot to any body part, and you can survive a single hit from a robot’s gun every 10 seconds. In Intermediate mode you can…

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  1. I tried this recently too. Seems pretty interesting but really needs more content to justify the cost (which is relatively cheap). It's more or less a demo for now… but one I'll be keeping my eye on in future updates.

    Good video! Keep the VR stuff coming.

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