The iPhone 7 Plus may not even get a dual-lens camera (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 42)

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We’ve got more details from WWDC 2016’s aftermath. One rumor even says not to expect a dual-lens camera for the next iPhone.

38 Comments on The iPhone 7 Plus may not even get a dual-lens camera (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 42)

  1. I don't believe this next phone will be a iPhone 7. Instead I believe what will be released is the iPhone 6SE. It makes sense. They've already started their 3 year/phone cycle with the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5SE. Honestly, the current "iPhone 7" leaks just look like a revitalized iPhone 6. So this phone would finish off the cycle, and prep 2018 to be the true release date of the iPhone 7. But that's just my take.

  2. i got a iphone 6s because i got it for free and me coming from android i just planed to use the iphone for just a few days but now after useing imessage. imessage is the only thing keeping me from switching back. and i was really bought in the google and still am i use every google app on my iphone only apple app i use is imessage. just everyone around me has a iphone so to me it is the reason i stay so far.

  3. Well I thought they were gonna make all the apps circles but for the next beta please put circle apps in there just like the Apple Watch and please tell me if you agree with me like on your next episode

  4. Hey for like episode 45 can you talk about the iPad pro second-generation like what you expect to come on that next iPad or like what you wish to come because I've been calling that number every time and I've been asking about the iPad pro 2 for sale long so can you please talk about their for episode 45

  5. If the design has changed at all for the iPhone 7 there better be a dual-lens camera set up or I will kick apple in the ass by making a model of the iPhone with all the software that Apple provides and then change the phone where it has so much more features and then I will show it off to the world and then the world will probably want that phone and then that may convince apple to go my direction but what are the first YouTubes I'm gonna show this phone off to if there is no dual-lens camera set up well that will be everything Apple pro and then you guys and then pocket now and then Android authority and then tech source but this will only happen if there is no dual-lens camera set up in the iPhone 7 if there is a design change at all and I am not lying OK.

  6. Android is different. It's made from linux and called Linux-like and a "licensed" open os. That's why every different phone companies' android os(partially) has programmed to the co preference. Therefore it can support almost any new invention immediately. Since its open, The catch is virus can be vulnerable to android.

  7. iOS is an all-in-one os for almost every "i" products. You can't much do much huge changes to the OS or else, one of the "i" or many products will fail in function with the chips or it's driver. For example, That's why bluetooth is very limited to pair with almost every bluetooth products, eg. Mouse. Also independent DLNA casting.

  8. Apple totally ignore iPad software improvements for ios 10! And spend so much just promoting iMesaage visual crap which wechat, line and other messengers already have! Really??

  9. I opt to have iPhone because my client uses an imessage which if given the possibility for Android users to have access to it, I would really opt to have Android instead.

  10. There are quite a lot of games for Mac in Steam actually (I'm playing Alien: Isolation right now), and for those that aren't there one can just boot into Windows with "Boot Camp" (from external HDD for example) and play it on a Mac in Windows. I do that, works for me.

  11. That touch bar looks like they just took the taskbar from Windows and stuck it above the keys! A half cocked concession to the fact that nearly all high end Windows laptops are fully touch enabled. Whoop de doo

  12. Here's how 3D touch can be more than just a gimmick…

    -Remove the home button
    -Extend the screen on all 4 sides and make it edge-to-edge
    -Make the display unresponsive to regular touch on bottom and top (about a centimeter to be able to hold the phone)
    -Make the bottom part a home button via 3D touch

    I'll patent this if you don't :P

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