The iPhone 7 may have a few tricks up its sleeve (CNET News)

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The latest leaked images of the iPhone 7 show three important changes coming to Apple’s newest device in September. But are they enough to lure buyers?

21 Comments on The iPhone 7 may have a few tricks up its sleeve (CNET News)

  1. What about my aux port that I listen to Howard stern and satellite radio in my car??? I won't own a car stereo unless it's got a solid aux jack. Hopefully something will work with it

  2. The only trick iPhone has is the LOVE of media blogs like CNET. You guys will help them sell their outdated crap.

    BTW, all the Apple blogs are mentioning the "Stereo" speakers. Both speakers are on the BOTTOM! How would you even hear the separation, especially when turned sideways for VIDEOS!! Stop reporting every single weird apple rumor as apple reinventing the wheel. I'm hoping the lack of headphone jack and lack of any innovation on the iOS will drive even more swarms of users to Android so they can realize what they've been missing as they wondered in their haze of Apple flavored Kool Aid.

  3. No headphone jack?! That's ridiculous! I listen to a lot of music on my expensive wired headphones and have different sets for different genres. Guess I'll be sticking with my 5s…

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