The HTC One M8… Now

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With the HTC One M9 incoming, Josh revisits the HTC One M8 and gives his thoughts.

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31 Comments on The HTC One M8… Now

  1. Still a great phone even after a year . My M8 still runs like it was new with zero lag . Battery still good can get a whole day with moderate use . The BoomSound speakers are amazing when watching movies it's like a mini theater in Ur Face . ? . Camera servers it's purpose and still can get some great pics with the rite lighting. Manual mode in the camera is Amazing . U can take pictures of the Night sky and see the stars. I like having full control over the camera. Still gets great pics. Cropping the image is very limited considering 4 mgp . U can Print an 8×10 pic and it will still look amazing .

  2. Suggestions on whether to go for the M8 or M9? I've had an iPhone for the past few years and it's getting quite boring. I've used the S4 for a small amount of time as well, but that was absolutely horrendous towards what I'd wanted out of a phone.

  3. one of my friend bought this device yesterday. As i thought the camera isn't that good. The overall performance and the build quality is indeed awesome.The only drawback of this device is the rear camera. If you aren't a photo enthusiast, then it won't be a issue. But in my opinion, what's the use of a Ferrari if it ain't gonna blow up your mind?
    Well the whole things i said are just from my personal perspective and i think it'll really give you a fantastic experience apart from the camera. Thank you

  4. This phone is amazing, if you have the m8 do not get the m9 because there is very very little difference between them. However if you have the m7 or something similar definitely get upgrade to the m9.

    HTC would have had so much more sales if they brought the M9+ as this year's flagship. I hope they bring back their senses (no pun intended) because they have definitely dropped the ball to other android devices namely Samsung and LG. 

  5. I still can't decide whether to get an HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z3, or a Honor 6. I love the metal body of the HTC and the Sense 6, but I am quite afraid of the 2 GB ram. I won't change my phone for 2-3 years (atm, I have my old Samsung Galaxy S2). The Z3 looks like a good alternative, but with the glass back, I feel like it wont last long enough, and I like the Sense UI much more. The Honor 6 on the other hand is an octo-core, and cheaper phone. And if I will use a cover on it, I wouldn't have to touch the plastic back all the time. 

    What do you guys think? Should I worry about being future-proof with 3 Gb of RAM, or 2 Gb will be more then enough for the next 2-3 years?

  6. M8 is the best phone for the buck right now if you want a fast music phone, the headphone amplifier is as powerful as the nuforce box amp, the camera is ok for looking photos on the phone, had alot of phones but for me the m8 is simply the superior one

  7. I wonder if this phone still holds up after 2 years because I need to get a new subscription and I'm wonder if I should get this or get the new Samsung galaxy s6 edge…
    Can anybody help me here..? :/

  8. I don't understand why I see some people stressing over the bezels so much and comparing it to other phones.
    All those other phones with small bezels don't have special speakers like HTC One M8 does. The M8 has Boomsound and the M9 will have Dolby Surround Sound, so the bezels are needed for those speakers. Or would some people prefer to have their speakers booming directly against a glass screen?

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