The HTC One A9. Color Inspired by Nature.

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Introducing the HTC One A9. The smartphone that gets all the important elements right. Available in a range of colors, including Carbon Gray, Opal Silver, Deep Garnet and Topaz Gold.

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27 Comments on The HTC One A9. Color Inspired by Nature.

  1. HTC is thief, basterd I am requesting to all don't buy HTC phone. They have no service. The phone is very perishable and then they will take mobile for 15-20 days And then just keep circling the HTC service center

  2. Had a HTC after 18 months of little usage didn't last 24h in stand by with nothing on, and they refused to repair it under the 2 year warranty in Europe… NEVER AGAIN

  3. y'all are stupid if y'all say it looks like an iPhone, it looks more like an HTC m8 to me, plus HTC made their phones more artistic than other companies do to their phones, and I appreciate that. when I hold my HTC in my hand I appreciate how it makes it feel artistic and elegant.

  4. Design concept is absolutely non-sense. . .why you copy others ?
    Apple and Samsung both they have there own design concept. . .why you mix up them ?
    There needs to be individuality . . .

  5. Stop tradition Stop Stop tradition tradition
    We want a new phone just as you did with m8
    The world has Abehrtm Why Dhakm
    You Opkytm Ahakkm your tradition that you Tbikuna Enough

  6. dont' buy htc phone never never never i buy htc desire 826 and my total money was wasted so much hanging problems camara problem and to much heating problems do not buy htc phone ever don't waste your money

  7. Even though i love the HTC One but i am highly disappointed by the level os Service provided by HTC. I was told that Uh Oh protection is not available on AT&t Model of this phone (Bummer). 2nd the Amoled Screen on my A9 has severe burn in issues and all i was offered was to send the device to HTC and they will take 7 to 10 days and i have to pay shipping as well. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE HTC!!!!! My Love for the One M9 and now the A9 is going to disappear just because of this treatment. Anyone considering the HTC One A9 Please note that there is no Uh Oh Protection on this phone unless you buy directly from HTC. Way to go HTC.

  8. love everything about htc phone except the black bar. htc never listens to customer to remove the black bar therefore htc suck. i own almost every htc one phone except m9. same design with the shitty black bar. Not buying htc phone again.

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