The HTC 10 Unboxing

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A “quick and dirty” unboxing of the HTC 10!

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While at the HTC Event this past Wednesday we were given our own HTC 10 to check out and review. A quick spoiler here. We already did unboxing it ahead of the video as we were in Times Square and really wanted to try the new cameras on the HTC 10. We’ll save the results of those for the review. But as far as the packaging for the HTC 10 it looks very similar so what we have seen in past HTC released. Included is a Quick Charge 3.0 wall adapter that uses Qualcomm quick charge technology. HTC says that this charger should get the phone full in about an hour. There is also a USB Type C cable, sim card tool and that’s about it. No rumored headphones in the US packaging but this may not be the final package and those hi-res headphones may be included after all which I would hope since the…

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  1. is it possible to switch 'recent apps' style to tiles? It was MUCH
    better before on older sense! I have M8. When you see all nine apps in
    one window and you just pick any with just ONE touch of a finger, it is
    so much better people! And can you switch back to on-screen buttons? I
    love on screen buttons! C'mon!!

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