The HTC 10 has Best Headphone Jack on any Mobile Device out now (#Verizon)

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One of the things that HTC has been talking about since the first teaser was that they are Reinventing the way we experience sound. The HTC 10 has the potential to be the best Android device for enjoying your music in 2016. Today I’m doing for you and review of the audio quality that you can expect from the HTC 10 and compare it to the LG G5 and the Galaxy S7 EdgeThank you.

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35 Comments on The HTC 10 has Best Headphone Jack on any Mobile Device out now (#Verizon)

  1. If you use headphones to listen to music through your smartphone, this device is head and shoulders above the rest. Especially if they're on the higher-end. I have a pair of Martin Logan's. Not the best headphones in the world, but they're really good. I could not believe the transparency and resolution of sound. It's by far the best sound I've heard from any smartphone. I'm not sure what it is. If it's the quality of connection or what because I heard that the 24-bit sound feature was just a marketing ploy. Whatever it is, plug in a pair a headphones into this phone and listen to it. It's pretty shocking.

  2. hey tk i got a question thats off subject on your right wrist was that the lg urbane let watch ? if it is how well is that watch working overall with notifications and making calls as a stand a lone device ?

  3. I believe the sound difference is due to the fact that the HTC 10 has a 24-bit DAC/AMP built in on the SoC, and the other 2 have 16-bit sound, without AMP, not due to the headphone jack itself.

  4. You can't seriously make this claim and then leave the LG V10 out.
    It has a 32bit DAC unlike the competition which is stuck with 16 or 24bit DAC's that can't power up high end headphones.

  5. I have to disagree completely. It sounded more natural than S7 Edge but it still sounded heavily equalized. Both S7 Edge and HTC 10 lack mids because of how much they boost lower and high frequencies. G5 sounded the least equalized but still lacking a bit of mid range. That's a huge problem if you're going to listen to anything else than "modern pop" music which has overblown bass and highs anyway and it focuses on those frequencies. As soon as you add something like some violins or horns it turns them into a clutter of high end and guitars will sound boring and blunt because of lack of mid range.

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