The greatest snare drum tuning trick EVER!

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This video is a little extract of my Drumtuning DVD. On the DVD you will find many other drumtuning tips and tricks. For example my Masshoff Tuning Method, which allows you to tune every drum perfectly in less than 2 minutes.
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48 Comments on The greatest snare drum tuning trick EVER!

  1. STOP this video at the 4:00 mark, and IGNORE everything after that.
    It goes against everything we've been taught about proper tuning. This is especially true for young, impressionable drummers who may not own the greatest equipment. You risk damaging the batter head, forcing you to buy replace it sooner. If you own a cheap snare (especially a wood model), you also risk damage the shell and/or the bearing edge.
    Learn how to tune correctly by…wait for it…doing it repeatedly. Just like playing the drums, tuning requires PRACTICE and PATIENCE. There is no trick!

  2. It fucking works tonally, im amazed, not kidding I'm not even using a high end drum head, it's just my stock yamaha gigmaker snare, no kidding no muffling at all. However im worried about my snare becuz of all the things i've heard on the comment section, please help and more info

  3. This is new to me. I like it! Guess it doesn't matter to have equal tension on all the lugs to produce a tone. I love how you can adjust the snare tone within a few seconds with this technique! I've seen a lot of videos on how to tune drums because I always think mine sound like crap. I always hated my snare sound. Always way too loud and brash sounding! I would stuff a towel or tee shirt underneath to quite it down but it ruined the tone and the response, of course! But here's how I figured out how to create an accurate reference point from which to start tuning. Don't use the key! Start from nothing. Use one hand to press down on the rim while using your fingers to turn the lug from the side. Right! Do this while the drum is on a flat surface. Your finger is only so strong. So if you go around all the lugs, you're going to start out with a very close reference without over doing any one of those lugs. I go around until I can't get it tighter using my fingers and this seems to set all of the toms almost perfect to where the drum is designed to be tuned!

  4. Exactly what I do. Also limits "buzz" during playing as the pitch is very high and not as subject to vibration by the pitch of the other instruments.

  5. This fucking great! Would this method work on a 13×3 piccolo snare? I play in a metal band but we have songs that I use overtones when recording that I'd like to have as live experience as well. It would really improve my live Sound

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