The five settings every Android owner should change (CNET How To)

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Picked up a new Android device? Changing these settings could help improve performance and battery life.

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30 Comments on The five settings every Android owner should change (CNET How To)

  1. Every Android user?
    1:45 I'm using a Cubot H1 which has a fairly vanilla plain version of Android 5.1. The Personal section of the phones main settings menu looks the same as shown in the video, except it doesn't have a "Google" setting. The other 5 items under Personal are the same and in the same order. Maybe this 'Google' setting is only found on Nexus phones?

  2. A few more ideas:
    –Don't download Facebook or its Messenger app. Both are severe battery hogs! Instead, use the mobile site, and allow notifications.
    –Turn off vibrate and the LED sensor if your phone has one. Both can drain the battery like mad.
    –Turn off background processes if battery life matters more than constant updates.

  3. Some settings every android user should change:
    1. Enable Developer options by going into settings -> about phone and then tapping build number until you see a message saying you are now a developer
    2. Go into settings -> Developer options and change transition and window animation scale to either 0.5x, or 0.75x (if available). Or if you want, completely disable it (0x). This will speed up the animations
    3. If you have a Samsung phone, open up S-voice, and go into the app settings and disable double tap home-button to activate, and the always listening options.

  4. Until Samsung can make a phone that can last for two days on standby i'll be with Apple. I don't use my phone all that much when I'm home (due to poor cell service) but when I do need to go somewhere I can't have a dead phone and I don't see the need to always have it on a charger.

  5. As a Noob in the world of android I will take everything I can, I knew most of these but did learn about the Locate my phone which was new to me. I love Nova launcher no more Apple for me

  6. Here's one. Scroll to the bottom of settings. Goto About. Click build number until it says "You are now a developer" or "No need, you are already a developer.". Back out and click the new Developer options and set the three animation settings to 0.5 or off

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