The Evolution of Sony Xperia Z Smartphones

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It was January 2013 when we saw the first Xperia Z smartphone.

2 years on and and 6 variations of the Z smartphone later, just how has the range developed.

In this video we summarise how the Xperia Z handsets have changed from the media grabbing Z through to the current Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact.

View the full range of Sony Xperia Z smartphones on the following link:

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19 Comments on The Evolution of Sony Xperia Z Smartphones

  1. I'm planing on purchasing Xperia Z3+ but due to the comments about the over heating issues I'm having second thoughts. i use my Xperia Z for multimedia usage and gaming with Wifi ON throughout the day and i get that the handset gets hot but does the Z3+ get very hot? This is the only issue preventing me from purchasing the handset. Has sony updated the SD810 chipset in new handsets?

  2. the thing is most of ppl who bought xperia z product lines  doesn´t even know or want to give a try about the water resistant feature. cuz its for them impossible to THINK ABOUT A PHONE CAN DIVE into water

  3. Hail Sony! there never been a handset like theirs. One thing i must say is that, they don't market quarter, yes quarter as their main rivals Samsung! even though there's no comparison to Sony and it's class..

  4. I think I'll be picking up the Z4 unlocked. If rumors are true of them selling the mobile division. I want to pick up the best of Sony before they go downhill.

    It'll be my first flagship phone succeeding my Moto G. I'm quite happy it got delayed; More time for then to iron out any issues. 

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