The day Zuckerberg called for a Facebook Lockdown!

The day Zuckerberg called for a Facebook Lockdown!

It was a fine sunny morning with clear blue sky when Google decided to make its comeback in the world of social media in which Facebook has already established its domain.

“In June 2011, Google launched an obvious Facebook copy called Google Plus. Obnoxiously wired into other Google products like Gmail and YouTube, it was meant to join all users of Google services into one online identity, much as Facebook did for the Internet as a whole”

according to Antonio Garcia Martinez, who

Google’s strong determination and wilpower seeemed to have had shaken Mark Zuckerberg’s charisma whose creation of Facebook had already led millions of people living in various corners of the world to sign into this platform.

Mr. Antonio also mentioned in his blog that Google+ has to offer a better tool for sharing photos online, and to him, Google’s latest creation seemed to be more interactive and fun than Facebook.

“Given you had a Google Plus sign-up button practically everywhere in your Google user experience, the possibility of its network growing exponentially was very real indeed.”

Zuckerberg called for a Facebook lockdown as soon as he found out about Google+ and Antonio stated

“We received an e-mail at 1:45 P.M. the day Google Plus launched, instructing us to gather around the Aquarium, the glass-walled cube that was Zuck’s throne room. Actually, it technically instructed us to gather around the Lockdown sign. This was a neon sign bolted to the upper reaches of the Aquarium, above the cube of glass, almost like the NO VACANCY sign on a highway motel. By the time the company had gathered itself around, that sign was illuminated, tipping us off to what was coming.”

facebook_employee_meeting_the_technewsThe primary cause of that abrupt rendezvous was to let all employees of Facebook aware of the presence of another lion in the jungle. Employees of Facebook were urged to improve the user interface of this social media for stirring more intense competition for Google+.

However, the existence of Google+ did not at all change anything for Facebook; moreover, users have their own accounts on Google+ simply because of having a Gmail account. Otherwise, this latest creation of Google failed to affect the growth of Facebook.


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