The BlackBerry Passport SUCKS!!!

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BlackBerry Passport SUCKS!!!

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20 Comments on The BlackBerry Passport SUCKS!!!

  1. I bought the "Silver Edition" and it is way too fast, way too efficient for me. The hardware is just better then i deserve 🙂
    Thank you! This video is amazing.

  2. Your reviews are really funny and for that same reason it's very hard to take you seriously, I don't know if you do it purposely but it's just not enjoyable and definitely not informative.

  3. Can you talk about how BlackBerry said fuck you to all its users and has currently stopped all app maintenance, updates and the like? Like how they killed facebook and are sitting at home selling nice hardware with 2001 software?

  4. mr.jc i know u dont then y u buy blackbeery better go iphone …….maybe u dont like wide screen other like who want to text or email… a business phone ……u wanan play angry bird or clash of clan or take selfie go on iphone they suck your money……i understands ur feeling…..they all rdy mention it a business phone dont u get it

  5. "loudess" so funny! BRO!? If you haven't yet, screenshot all these comments of people stating you sold them this phone, they are going to buy it and/or they just purchased it and email it to Blackberry. I think they would be interested in the influence you are having on people…it's just good marketing. Blackberry should absolutely be paying you. You content is brilliant, true and hilarious! By the way, I will be getting my BlackBerry Passport in the mail this Wednesday. I went to four AT&T stores looking for it and saw nothing but iPhone and Samsung products but I was so convinced of the superiority of the BlackBerry device, I ordered it online. Outstanding videos, thanks!

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