The BlackBerry comeback

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Rajiv Makhni in conversation with BlackBerry’s Global Chairman and CEO – John Chen. In the Interview, the CEO has spoken about the battle of privacy vs Security and how there has to be a middle ground. How they are now working towards making BlackBerry as a Profitable Company. The company will also launch mid-range Android phones. Also on the show, how the company will now focus more on software.

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20 Comments on The BlackBerry comeback

  1. john chen is a clown, no different than any other ceo at blackberry before him, since being taking the job he's simply laid off a bunch of people- that's pretty much it. blackberry continues to make terrible decisions that result in them losing even more market share (if that's even possible).

  2. BlackBerry needs Apps. I understand it is designed and targeted for business use. But the market dictates what will sell, and a phone with limited Apps is not going to sell. It doesn't matter how long the battery lasts, how amazing the camera is, how much GB it has. Cell phones are not phones anymore. They are computers that happen to have a phone app on them. If a computer has limited entertainment options, it will not sell as many units as a computer that has more entertainment options. BlackBerry fell behind, and is now playing catch up. The Priv needed to be better than it was to not only attract buyers, but it also had to get people to switch from iphone/Samsung etc. It didn't do that.

  3. An absolutely brilliant interview, and I don't mean just the "amazing" meaning of the word! 🙂
    The questions really addressed my concerns, Unlike the western-style questions that focus only about competition and other things, showing intelligence of both the interviewer and the interviewee.
    Congratulations for the good choice and preparation of the interview. and I wish you more success.
    I'm a very interested follower of the channel from now on.

  4. as far as I understand, apple already gave all the information requested by the government but then the government wants to go further forcing apple to create a special kind of IOS that can unlock anyone's iPhone without having to erase all the information inside.

  5. John Chen has always been great with Software Division. Maybe now, it's time to hire someone who can bring Hardware into profitability. RIM had 2 CEOs, why not BlackBerry? They made a huge mistake releasing Priv with Android. BB10 is surely the best OS & they should have at least released Android as well as BB10 versions. Priv was a totally beautiful Device, and it could have attracted many Tech Reviewers, also maybe a smackdown between Android and BB10, running on same hardware could have showcased BB10's abilities too. And now with release of an Android device, all the rumours of abandoning BB10 surfaced making big Apps discontinue supporting BB10 like WhatsApp.

  6. I still use blackberry and  I am very happy with BB. But in todays world if you don't have a huge advertising budget your chance to have success is VERY, VERY slim. Still to this day 80% of people here in the USA have no clue of BB's last two  (leap and Priv), cell phones. Just like Windows– good phone. three years ago they put a lot of commercials on and sold enough to get a nice user base. last two year ZERO advertising and their phone department is dead in the water. point being no matter how good the cell phone is (droid-HTC-Motorola) if you don't or can't afford a very big advertising budget you will have to just be happy with 1  or 2% of the market.

  7. Good interview. It's is clear plan forward of BlackBerry under John Chen. Results will determine future BB 10 devices in the meantime income from other sources including Android devices. Love my Passport SE.

  8. Thanks for uploading this interview! I strongly believe that OS10 is the best operating system out there – but I think John Chen gets it wrong! It is not about the number of apps a OS offers – it's about WHAT apps they can offer. If you have things like: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat and all those other "big brands" – it should be enough to get attention. But really is the problem: BlackBerry is not ABLE to advertise OS10 in the right way. Focus on BIG app + proper commercials + new decent hardware = success.

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