The biggest Google I/O 2016 news in 10 minutes

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At this year’s Google I/O, Assistant got chattier and found its way into several new Google products: the messenger Allo and the Echo-like speaker Home. Android N also got some improvements and a mobile VR platform called Daydream.


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20 Comments on The biggest Google I/O 2016 news in 10 minutes

  1. Huh, Apple seems to be doing a much much better job at messenging with iMessage than Google with their 20 chat apps. Funny how these two companies ALWAYS have something super similar announced at their developer conferences every single year lol

  2. This was a GOOD conference, that's it. I really like Allo and plus I think the point of Allo is to make up for Hangout ( which was terrible btw). In my opinion this was better than Apple's WWDC. Google is improving day by day and it has improved as a company within the last 3 years. I feel like Google Home is a response to Amazon Echo. Google Home does not have all of Amazon Echo features.

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