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To-do list apps for iPhone and Android offer more than a check box with text. We look at Wunderlist, Todoist, Omnifocus and others to find the best app.


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23 Comments on The best to-do list apps for your smartphone – This Is My Next

  1. You just solved my dilemma. I've been using evernote and color note for years but thought there should be an app that worked better for making lists of things to do. I already installed Wonderlist but was considering Todoist but with your recommendation and the price difference the problem is settled, wonderlist it is.

  2. No comparison. Pound for Pound Todoist is in a different class. Fantastic feature set, clean interface, the ability to auto configure forwarded emails to projects, outlook integration, dedicated desktop app, collaborations, multiple platforms, lots of power under the hood. 

    I've used them all and I even went to the point of re-visiting Wunderlist after the latest release just to check if I missed something. After 1 weeks usage I couldn't wait to go back. 

  3. I would agree with this review that Wunderlist would be the best choice for most users. It is simple, effective and the UI for the smartphone rocks. I like Todoist for the Karma point system. This is nice and it can give you are review of how you spent time working on tasks graphically.
    For more team based To-do's, I say look at Asana. This is free up to 15 users and is incredible.

    Just as the author said, pick an app and go with it. In fact, iOS Reminders is really nice and can handle you personal tasks quite easily….plus it is free. 

  4. I use Evernote and Wunderlist in combination for note taking and as to-do lists in classes and at home and my god, they has done me wonders 🙂

    Evernote is awesome because of it's simple design and easy organisation which is helpful for school (e.g If I need notes for IT, I can go on my phone (because my sixth form allows phones) and get up Evernote and find the right notebook.)

    Wunderlist is perfect for me for to-do lists, easy to navigate and is cross platform, so I can check on a computer. I use it for completing deadlines as well as for home (to help around the house) and do some work stuff.

  5. Since Apple released their Ios8, Evernote is the best to-do list, notes app in my opinion. From your notifications bar, you can take photos, make your notes, to-do list and much more…

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