The best note-taking apps for iPhone and Android – This Is My Next: Ep. 11

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From Evernote to OneNote, Vesper to Papyrus, there are a TON of note-taking apps. We name the best note-taking apps for iOS and Android so you can stay organized across devices.


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49 Comments on The best note-taking apps for iPhone and Android – This Is My Next: Ep. 11

  1. Jotblue has some great features for android. I just started using it but it has some features I believe are unique unless I just haven't made the most of the other note taking programs reviewed. Have you tried jot blue?

  2. I came across Evernote when I bought a pen that recorded the notes I wrote down. It synced to Evernote and I haven't stopped using it since. Tried OneNote but Evernote always felt better for me plus it worked with my pen.

  3. My Apologies to APPLE , concerning personel notes on apple 6 going to email , after looking on line at a few peoples confused ways to fix this problem that didn't work !! you have to go into setting and go to ( mail contacts , calenders ) right at the top you will see accounts and right under that you will see your email provider , mine is GMAIL  , under that it says mail , calenders, tap on this and its shows a screen saying ( mail / contacts / calenders/ notes } tap NOTES and turn it to OFF  , you notes on your iphone 6 will now stay were there meant to stay , in your personel Notes and not go into your email were when you delete your Old email your notes get Deleted TOO !!!!!! hope this is helping someone with the same problem , Why they would make a feature to send notes to your email that can get deleted WHO KNOWS LOL :)

  4. Once Again Apple seem to want things there way !!! after trying to find  a answere to why my notes on my iphone 6 go to a email address and Apple don't seem to want to give a answere to that , I tried to send my comments to Apple but they say my email address is invalid lol its a wonder they don't say all notes are to be stored on I tunes !!! LOTS of other good Smart phones out there that DO what YOU want not what to maker wants OK !!!

  5. If you don't like the expense of Evernote Premium, there is now a 2nd tier that is half the price for Evernote.  It lacks a few Premium features, but it does include offline access.   I have been using Evernote Premium and like it.  My only complaint is that the formatting doesn't transfer to Microsoft Word or any other program.   If you try to cut and paste into another program.. good luck.
    I have transferred to the middle tier Evernote, but am seeking to learn more about OneNote….or even google docs.

  6. I'm not familiar with Evernote, but Onenote has some great features for students taking lecture notes for class.  You can make a video or audio recording of the lecture, and while that's happening the notes you type or draw into OneNote using a stylus will be time tagged with the recording.  When you play back the lecture, OneNote will highlight the specific notes you were taking at the time.  You can also highlight your notes and then play back the lecture recording from that time.  Very slick.  Also, you can do keyword search on the audio of the recording.

  7. After using evernote on my windows pc and  iPhone  I  cant understand why everyone on the internet is praising this so much . I find evernote complicated and takes time to do what I need  to do . if for example I need to make an audio note takes 3-4 for clicks . and the  layout they use is bad too . Taking notes needs to be easy and  quick . I don't like onenote  or  google keep much either to be honest . they  all look similar, sterile and plain.  

  8. He Forgot about Google Docs, sheets, presentations…..They are great for taking notes and productivity and are all stored and saved in your Drive.

  9. What's the name of the song playing in background? An answer will be highly appreciated. And no, it's Darude – Sandstorm. That song was and still is pathetic. 

  10. The main criteria should be:
    1) If it works on Android/iOS.
    2) It works on web.
    That's why, Google Keep & Evernote suits me. Some huge notes from Simplenote just got deleted. But thanks to Type Machine. I was saved.

  11. I'm constantly trying to find a good note taking app. Trying to find one that interfaces with my Samsung Note 8.0 Stylus is challenging. Spent a small fortune but have never been happy. I've been using ANote but will try Evernote again. 

  12. I've tried a couple of notetaking apps/programs. For me the best experience is onenote. I've tried evernote, but I've found limits with regard to stylus scribblings and notes and limits in textwords.

  13. I like OneNote because it is free. I don't want to pay to take notes, that is something extremely odd. The learning curve is literally 5 minutes. It is way easer to use then described in the video. It is a well developed app with the sole purpose of taking notes.

  14. Google Keep would be great to use but has absolutely no organization features (it's what I would use if it had tags or notebook support though). I later gave Evernote a shot but it's way too bloated for my tastes and it almost forces you to pay for the premium version, which is outrageous for a simple notes app. OneNote is decent. Simplenote is what I've been trying to use recently and while search and tagging is great, it doesn't have support for things like bullet points, underlining, and checklists, something that even the most basic of notes apps should be able to do. I think I'll be sticking with SImplenote for now and using Google Tasks for other checklists, but I would really love to have Google combine Google Tasks, Google Now Reminders, and Google Keep into one product and add some more organization features. That will put it over every other notes app out there.

  15. Was he using a Google app when he was talking about One Note? I noticed that "paper" designed "+" button for starting a new project or page is all over Google Drive related apps. 
    Just curious if that's just what One Note looks like on the iPhone or if he was displaying the wrong app when talking about One Note. 

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