The best Microsoft apps for iOS (Top 5)

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Are you still using Apple Mail and Calendar? For shame. Microsoft’s got apps in the App Store that you should probably be using right now.

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31 Comments on The best Microsoft apps for iOS (Top 5)

  1. Office Lens changed my life. It's a must for any student for taking clean pics of notes or a white board. You can literally take a pic of a paper and print an identical copy right from your phone without cropping or messing with colors. Epic

  2. I have all these apps on my iOS devices and they really are quite good. I don't know how good these are on Android and WP but they're slick and smooth and does everything I need it to do. Great list!

  3. No heart feeling but it's sounds like an advertising episode , I MEAN they're all great but you still have to keep some criticizing spirit , again no heart feeling ….;)

  4. but but but… I like inbox by google. it works so well, and the ai organizing is so awsome. and I think the Google offerings are better on ios than word etc. the Microsoft ones are slower imo. plus you get 15 gb+ for free with google drive vs -5 with one drive. but yeah, one note is good, but I cant use it. one drive still is too inconsistent and loses my files commonly, so hello google on ios.

  5. I absolutely hate outlook with a passion. I'm a fairly heavy Google user, but also get quite a few emails to deal with (around 15 important ones a day). My preference goes to Inbox by Google. Outlook may include calendar, contacts and email into one, but inbox syncs across all related Google services that I use, including Google now features, calendar, and In general (and most importantly) core android. I hate dealing with outlook on PCs, and even if the phone version works well, the PC version ruins it for usability

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