The Best Magic Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

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Hi Ram again with another review this time for the Magic Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I would love to get your feedback down below in comments. Please subscribe to my channel it’s free and I will be reviewing a lot of case’s and would love suggestions from all of you on what you would like to see on my channel.

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15 Comments on The Best Magic Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

  1. Does the middle part of the protector touch the actual phone screen? Also was sensitivity bad with the protector on. I bought a generic one off eBay and the sensitivity was horrible, could not type with it.

  2. first, nice video. second, they absolutely need to make either a clear version, or a white version as well. as for the camera being covered, it's the front camera, so no one does any serious photography with it. so that doesn't seem like much of a problem.
    but here's the thing that i just can't understand, it would seem like a common sense thing to me, that if alllllllll these tgsp's are getting lifted up and can't work with tight fitting cases, WHY DON'T THEY JUST CUT THE CORNERS SHORT OF WHERE THE CASES COVER, MUCH LIKE THEY DO WITH THE EDGE OF THE SCREEN NOW????? almost all cases come across the corners to hold onto the phone, at the exact same places. so why not just cut the screen protector to fit just up to that area, and not all the way to the edge of the corners? then they both work together to protect the phone. there is no need to have the glass under the corners, as the case is there for protection. and the most protected part for any case is the corners. that's why i don't understand why they continually try to put a square peg in a round hole. they just need to measure where these cases come across the corners, and cut their protector accordingly.

  3. I have been using the GPEL protector for about a month now and really have not found any issues. It's available now and is mad with Corning glass. They also have a v2 coming very soon.

    Keeping in mind that on white backgrounds with the current version the screen seems to sparkle. I reached out to GPEL about this and learned that this is what prevents the rainbow effect from happening on your display. I'm hoping this is toned down a bit in the new version.

    Also I noticed that the color of your protector seems to be off a bit, being a bit more shiny. But thatay not be a deal breaker. Any news on cost?

    The struggle is real for finding the perfect fullscreen TG protector. I have been hunting since the phone came out. If you do get a release date, please share as I too have some viewers who may be interested.

  4. Everything about this including the package looks more or less just like Flipacase, from whom I bought my latest (Their new batch) glass from that I am extremely happy with! (Flipacase states it uses Corning glass)

  5. So far this is the best tempered glass screen protector i have found for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Unfortunately its still in the testing stage but i will keep you up to date, what do you guys think? Comments below

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