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Google I/O 2016 just wrapped up and we’re taking a look at what the best features are in Android N Developer Preview 3. There’s still a couple of months until we see the final build, but here are some of the new features we’ll see. I signed up for the Android N Beta and enrolled my Nexus 6P to see what’s new.



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24 Comments on The best Android N features

  1. wow that b brand skin is looking sexy on Nexus 6p, I wanted a d brand skin but I no skill to apply the skin plus never had a phone without a tpu case, what the icon your running plus it a Nova launcher running on Android n right?

  2. 2 things. Is it just my playback or is the frame rate of this video very choppy? Also, the film grain effect you add in post is very distracting. I'd recommend getting rid of it for future videos.

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