The 6 Best Android Launchers You Should Try Right Now

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One of my favorite things about Android is the sheer level of customization you can do. Just like any modern mobile operating system, Android allows you to download apps from an app store to get extra functionality from your device. But, unlike other operating systems, Android actually allows you to replace your stock apps with downloaded ones.

An example of where that can have a profound impact is if you replace the home screen launcher.

The home screen on your Android device is an app just like any other on the phone but instead of opening it by tapping an icon you open it by pushing the home button. Besides that difference and the fact that it allows you to launch your other apps from it, that’s pretty much it.

Also, just like other apps, there are a lot of them in the Play Store so it can be difficult to know which…

47 Comments on The 6 Best Android Launchers You Should Try Right Now

  1. The best Launcher I have ever used has to be Aviate by Yahoo. I've never found anything better than this. Its very very simple and has everything you can possibly need right next to your finger tips. I've tried countless launchers prior to using Aviate and none of them match Aviate.

  2. My top 3 in no order are Total Launcher, TSF Shell, and Nova Prime. I've switched back and forth between Nova and TSF for 4 years now and recently added Total to my list. Apus is actually a really good launcher as well (also apus browser is the best imo) but a lot like a Nova style launcher and it's not as good as Nova so I just stick with Nova.

  3. Is there a Method to Change the Notification Center on an Android? Because I just Bought the note 4 and i want to get rid of this ugly blue notification center the of samsung. So is there an app or any other method?

  4. I just recently shifted from my old iPhone 6 to android and I have to say the launchers and all this level of customisation is wonderful! With all the changes I can make, I almost feel like a developer myself!

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