TGW #014 – Apple Iphone 6S Announced / DX12 Games to be heavily AMD / Dragon’s Dogma

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This week on Tech Gaming Weekly…..

Personal News / Nicole Arbour : 0:00

New iPhone Unveiled – 12:50
iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6

New Apple TV Unveiled : 16:42

Joker’s New Monitor: 24:20

Most DX12 Games Partnered with AMD – 30:01

AMD Sells 20% Stake in Company – 39:24

AMD Athlon X4 880K – 43:17

Australia Taxing Online Purchases in 2017 – 45:43

Acer “Gaming” Tablet -…

39 Comments on TGW #014 – Apple Iphone 6S Announced / DX12 Games to be heavily AMD / Dragon’s Dogma

  1. ASRock still cuts corners by not following standards, like X99 LGA 2011 socket layout/footptints. Did you see +jayztwocents did to his X99 ASrock board? He shouldn't have had to do what he did to get a waterblock on it.

  2. With AMD getting the consoles and DX 12 basically being an offshoot of Mantle, AMD has a hardware advantage with GCN architecture. They need to take advantage. As for your experience with the 290, I have a 7970 for REALLY cheap and I use the crap out of it and am still surprised at how good it is considering its age. I would guess and hope you got a bad card.

  3. i disagree completely about AMD, their appeal to me has always been that they're just the more practical and cheaper option to nvidia's boutique products, not that they do or don't compete the same way as nvidia…even though i exclusively use AMD GPU's, if it turns out that nvidia users get left behind next year i'm not going to be jumping for joy, that kind of competition only hurts gamers

    also in hearing these conversations about DX12, not just on TGW but other tech channels, i'm really quite baffled that ANYONE is buying the pro-AMD narrative at all, as if nvidia is just going to roll over and die next year? nvidia is an extremely smart company that knows how to make money with a good product and they do MUCH better on the driver and software support side than AMD, i don't think nvidia customers have anything to worry about

  4. Hey man nice tech talk. I own the Fidelio X2 and I move them with a Fiio E10K like the one Joker has. They sound really really really amazing. I mean really. Im so glad I followed the advice of a friend and stopped buying "gaming headsets". I agree that they are not very portable friendly and you cant move them properly with onboard audio. But sound is great. My friend has spent like thousands of euros in dacs and headphones and he was amazed too, he says that to get better sound I have to maybe triple the cost of this headphones + dac. Your L1s Im sure are a great purchase too.

  5. Most of nvidia fans take for granted that pascal will fix everything and nvidia will dominate the market. Actually I'm not so sure of that, nvidia has a lot to chase on the competition, they will probably have to revolutionize a lot and even change some things in how pascal was designed until now. Meanwhile AMD with GCN already has a great architecture that is way ahead of nvidia in dx12, and by simply putting it on finfet node with arctic island, most of the job is already done. AMD only has to improve what they already have, and most important they will have to improve an architecture they invented quite some time ago and on which they have a lot of confidence, facts that put them in a clear dominant position.
    From how I see it, is much more probable that arctic islands will be a great dx12 architecture, nvidia may surprise us with pascal or may not, what is sure is that AMD is already there and nvidia has to chase.

  6. In regards to the Canadian idiot who reminds me of the guy who said rape should be legalize.

    Coming from a fat guy like you Joker, you sound 101% hypocrite to be honest.

    Either you did not watch the video through and through, or you watched it, got hurt then saw other "more famous" youtubers going against that video and thought of going against it and actually praise that idiot Canadian.

    But yeah, it is true she had a point of making people "lose weight" by shaming them. And that apparently she was making a "comedy" video.

    Fun fact though, she was not even shaming, but more of like insulting the shit out of people.

    And not a single part of the video is funny or a work of a "comedian". It wasn't a "comedy" type of video. Hence people hated the shit out of it. It was a pure insult to people and pass it out as a "joke" or "comedy". Publicity stunt to gain more bad popularity.

    Your facial expressions said's it all at 10-11 minute and onwards with that topic. Cause you like being praised by Tech Yes cause you love his Dick up yer Ass.

    That type of attitude you carry, banning people when you get hurt, or siding with the bad side to piss off other people or actually insulting other reviewers (Hi Tech Legion) etc. is the reason your not as high as the other youtubers.

    I don't usually insult people but man you sound very… like those hypocrite politicians.

  7. I've owned the Samsung Note series for years now, and what do I think? Slow piece of Sh*t. I'm fed up with Android phones to be honest. I couldn't care less about customization, but I am not sure whether I should get an iphone. All the people I know who have an iphone have barely any issues, and when they do, the Apple store just replace it. Give every phone a year or two max, and they all run slow. We are all being shafted by these companies.

  8. I've been building computers for a while and i checked out Puget systems… I built out my specs and the price wasn't any more then I paid for the parts really. I don't enjoy routing cables and getting compatible memory that's listed on the mobo website and all that stuff anymore. I'd get them to build it and make sure everything is perfect.

  9. after having issues with new drivers after 347.25 I think it was with my sli gtx 660 3gb cards, I switched to team red. r9 390x from MSI. there is less power savings, but that is because AMD isn't doing that stuff nvidia does with power states. the latency is better. everything is just smoother. I love it. I play counter strike like crazy and look for every tweak I can do to squeeze latency improvements. and yes if they went back to being ATi I'd love it. the ATi fury X xD

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    Ok. Now i have to read "the easy way to stop porn" from the same author :D

  11. +Tech YES City I'm happy for you that u quitted smoking. i done it no body ever thought that i would be able to do it. after 14 years for smoking and i started when i was 11:). so kudos for u and keep it up :)

  12. Too bad you had a bad experience with your amd card, i have an amd 280 and never had a problem, i pushed to the max in msi afterburn and still never goes above 75C°. In my experience its better to buy gpus from a brand that only works with one manufacturer like sapphire or powercolor for amd, the same thing for nvidia with zotac or evga, the reason is simple, the coolers, there has been problems with gigabyte and asus using the same cooler design for multiple cards, for example the asus 280x had a problem with the cooler not being able to cool the chip correctly cause they just used an nvidia design, and so on

  13. I'm tossing up between MSI and ASRock for a 6700k build. Leaning towards MSI's Titanium for the increased space between the PCI-e slots (I have two very hot r9 290s) and my current MSI Z77a-gd65 has served me well for the last few years.

  14. i've had great experience with amd and especially the sapphire brand for about 5 years. i'm really happy with my new r9 390 nitro and i've tested it against a gtx 970 g1 and it beated it at every single game i got, and at 4k it's even better. runs cool 24/24 '67' deg at max. the r9 290 u had was a gigabyte one and it's known to be a bad hot card. at lest suggest both cards at same budget and test the card before contest against a compagny already suffering from bad adv

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