Tested: Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

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We’ve been using Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone for over a month, and here are our testing results. While processor performance improvements alone aren’t enough to justify an upgrade, the new camera, water resistance, battery capacity, and return of expandable storage makes the Galaxy S7 an excellent Android phone.

Shot by Joey Fameli
Edited by Norman Chan

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33 Comments on Tested: Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

  1. I didn't even know that I couldn't use google now for voice assistance out of the box, because in the first few minutes of turning on the phone, I installed nova launcher and have been using google now like on any other android device. I also disabled s-voice even before setting it up.

  2. "Just don't drop your phone." I tell that to every single person that tells me they need or I should buy a case for a phone. It's really not that hard people, you're holding a $600+ device, be more careful with it.

    Also, thanks for that bit of information on the charging while wet. I have yet to see a single review mention anything about the waterproofing beyond "You can watch a a video underwater!" gimmick.

  3. Adoptable storage is still available on the S7, it's just not put into the spot light. You can however transfer over apps to your SD card natively. Also the S6 camera also had OIS. Also, you totally can use Google Now straight out of the box. S Voice isn't even enabled on my phone.

  4. I have a problem with the Battery thing. 3000mA/h is all well and good, but you can get 3300mA/h and higher batteries for the other GS models. Not only that, you can swap out the battery for a new one if you are on the go and can't charge. Samsung have dropped the ball a little bit with this one, especially given there is another brand out there that they know about, which still has a better phone than the GS7/Edge for a fraction of the price.

  5. I have an S7 and can use "OK Google" to launch the Google search app. You might want to check your settings in the Google App. Using Samsung Touchwiz or any other launcher of your choosing.

  6. Basically everything I want in a phone. Plus GearVR!? Yes please. The UI looks very close to stock android. The bloatiness of previous Samsung phones kinda put me off…but this phone is doing it for me

  7. "You can't use passive Google Now activation." Uh…yes you can. I've had the phone for a few weeks and I didn't even know S Voice was still a thing. I use Google Now all the time, either On Tap or with "Okay Google" voice activation from any screen.

  8. An aluminium back does not makes things easier to hold, come on bruh! Dry hands will struggle with aluminium and sweaty palms will struggle with glass. Naturally our palms will be able to grip on glass than aluminium, press a finger on your iPhone's screen and rub around, then do the same on its back, see my point??

  9. This is great! Can't wait to see one of these after the samsung galaxy note 6 comes out! Thats the one I'm considering and you guys always do a great job with your reviews.

  10. My friends iphone 6s fell into water and just the speaker got wet because he grabbed it in the air, so the phone didn't even hit the ground but the water got inside like nothing, the phone died instantly and needed a repair :/

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