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Welcome to the Happy’s Terraria 1.3 Top Tips & Tricks series! After we’ve been playing Terraria for a while we learn lots of tips, short-cuts, hacks, glithces, and awesome gameplay features that make Terraria even more fun to play! This is a community involvement series and you can have your name featured in the next video by sharing your awesome tips & tricks in the comments! Enjoy 🙂

Gavin the Gunslinger Let’s Play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfP47ds6FB8&index=1&list=PL-VeuxozZhHv4SjgeP98A3bI1jHZGuomm&ab_channel=HappyDays

HappyCrew Daily Viewer Challenge Question: What is your best tip or trick for Terraria 1.3?

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“Crunk Knight”
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28 Comments on Terraria Top 5 Tips and Tricks | 1.3 Tutorial | Glitch | Life Hacks

  1. On the mobile version you can duplicate anything. Just get on 2 devices and go onto 1 world. get both people onto a chest and put what you want to duplicate in the chest. At the same time press take and both people will take the item. You can do this over and over. I know for sure this works on the mobile version on the latest update, but I'm not sure if it works on the pc or console version.

  2. in the console theres a grapple glitch that lets you through tight spaces that you cant get through normally. i use it extremely often. it can also help you away from some people. as long as they dont have a pickaxe

  3. you cab use ashfelt and teleporters to glitch through 1 block wide block walls to get to secret areas , I have one in my world to get to my platinum coin farm, you need a long corridor of ashfelt and 2 teleporters at each end with pressure plates

  4. hey happy, you might remember me I've been subed since 17k, i just finished playing on my main world and want to start a new one, can you make a video on how to start a new world tips and tricks? I'm playing on ps4 1.2.4 update, if you don't mind going back for 1.2.4 tips ;), thanks

  5. If you put a portal on a wall and one on the floor and hold the portal gun so you fall into the one in the floor you go really fast and if you do this at the top of the world it gets you places as fast as possible without teleporting

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