Terraria Top 10 Tips & Tricks | 1.3 secret guide

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Terraria is an awesome game! In this episode we look at 10 awesome features of Terraria that everyone should know to make their adventures more enjoyable! Feel free to get involved! If you have another awesome tip, leave it in the comments below! Enjoy ­čÖé

Gavin the Gunslinger:

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1.3 Expert Mode Let’s Play:

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50 Comments on Terraria Top 10 Tips & Tricks | 1.3 secret guide

  1. Hey happy, is it possible for two dungeons to spawn in one world creation? because i got two in mine on both sides of my map. and I found that really odd for some reason lol, Ive played terraria off and on but I have never seen something like 2 dungeons spawing in one world before….´╗┐

  2. I knew all so:
    You can use smart cursor to plant acorns and they are placed where you need them
    Also its possible to hoik into the golem's temple or what ever its called and get all good traps early in the game :D´╗┐

  3. Another tip, if you run like hell to the dungeon and are lucky enought to survive, you may be lucky enought to find a water bolt, a super overpowered spell for the beggining of the game that will chop chop most pre-hardmode bosses!´╗┐

  4. you dont need clay pots, you can also use a staff of regrowth. this will also allows you to get more seeds/plants out of it and it doesnt destroy the plants that havent fully grown yet´╗┐

  5. I knew all the tips and tricks you told but i dont just get any new ideas to tell you but i sure know something. I have a easy kinda afk moon lord farm spams healer with summoner armor and stardust dragon staff.´╗┐

  6. i knew all of these so here goes!

    1) if you want to find tied up NPCs use the lifeforms analyzer

    2) when buying from NPCs, if you run out of money in your inventory, the game will take money from your piggy bank

    3) if you want really funky colored plants, pain the grass. it will also work for vines

    4) Early game and need a strong weapon? THE AMAZON IS YOUR GOD! it is a total BEAST. it will mow through almost anything before the wall of flesh.´╗┐

  7. i think this is not 1.3 becuz it didnt say how much money you dropped and whn i tried to put 674 platinum when i died it didnt work and the patinum wasnt there then i rage quitted lel´╗┐

  8. All of these are so basic xD Probably Because I have 200+ hours on terraria since 1.1… Another tip is hoiking, Its complicated but if you can hoik around skeletron its gg´╗┐

  9. you can have multiple accessories to maximize stats. example: you can have specter boots, hermes boots, lightning boots, and frostspark boots to maximize speed ( as much as you can) , this also is useful if the have deadly modifier ( for bosses).´╗┐

  10. Something useful if you're having trouble finding glowing mushroom seeds just make a house in a glowing mushroom biome and move the dryad in. She will sell mushroom grass seeds for 20 silver I think it is.´╗┐

  11. Piggy banks / safes are character bound, not world bound. If you place one in a different world and open it, you still get access to the items you put in whilst being in another world´╗┐

  12. another tip about the trees:
    if you click CTRL and use the smart cast
    it will actually let u place acorns only where theres room for them
    if there is no 2 blocks room it wont place it.´╗┐

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