Terraria Life Hacks EVERYONE should know! Tips and Tricks PART 4 (Terraria 1.3 Update)

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In this video I show you 12 LIFE HACKS that every player should know, this episode focuses on progression, from start to finish.

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Viewer Challenge : Leave a comment below ‘what life hacks would you suggest?’

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47 Comments on Terraria Life Hacks EVERYONE should know! Tips and Tricks PART 4 (Terraria 1.3 Update)

  1. "Life hack" suggestions for 1.3.1:
    1. Duck statues can still be used for infinite money farming, just make the ducks fly to make them capture-able again.
    2. Sharpening Stations should be kept with you the way Bewitching Stations are kept with you.
    3. Before entering hard mode, place campfires across the surface and jungle and dungeon areas.
    4. Use Hellevators in several locations before hardmode (made at least bomb diameter wide) to help seal off crimson/corruption/hallow into easier to manage sections.
    5. Carry the mechanical lens with you at all times to see traps and wires.
    6. Fish for crates not only for hardmode ores without breaking demon altars, but also for golden crates which contain the highest level healing potions.
    7. Place one or two houses near fishing areas in other biomes to reduce enemy spawning where you might want to farm for crates or specific fish.
    8. Capture birds to make bird statues for bird engines.
    9. Carry a safe and pig/money trough at all times. Carry multiple safes so that the extra item won't fill your inventory slot when you take the safe out.
    10. Keep permanent inventory items (like the cell phone, or gel/wood/healing/buff things) in the upper part of your inventory so if you "deposit all" you don't accidentally drop them in the money trough/safe and make it hard to "phone home" or heal in a bad spot.
    11. For early starters, make it to the ocean ASAP with a fishing rod and bait to get an awesome pick axe and wood axe early on. Fish underground for a good hammer, too. Same fishing for a double jump from crates, for ores from crates, etc.
    12. Make artificial biomes in the sky between space (avoiding harpies) and the surface. The obvious one everyone makes is the blue mushroom biome, but 1 deep desert areas can be useful for farming mummies and palm wood, and jungle biomes are great for farming bait and an underwater area for farming wood. I can't seem to get quest fish in the fake jungle biome anymore though.
    13. Building houses off the ground keeps NPCs safer from Wraiths.
    14. Heart statues plus timers = free non-debuff health every 10 seconds.
    15. Grey brick fireplaces are good underwater light sources for pre-hardmode.

  2. can you make a video where you only show the glitches which involve collecting items and then putting them into chests and then re login and then bam they transform into other items pls pls pls pls pls

  3. the dungoen when I met the old man I was like
    "phhhhh I not gonna curse an old man"
    (walks in dungeon)
    "COOL A CHEST THE ISNT GOLD"(because you need keys for gold chests)
    (walks further)

  4. One tip I have is:
    Fish early for ores and later get a good fishing rod, some fishing potions and then fish in the ocean for a good axe saw and a pickaxe that is insanely good pre hardmode also a 19 damage sword fish early, also save boxes for ores in hardmode.
    And for expert mode. Save life crystals even after 400 health to make them into healing lanterns. Cause bosses in expert are unfairly op as not even the best items and preparations are enough, you will need potions a LOT.

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