Terraria iOS hacked world 1.3 UPDATE – By xXtcikotciXx

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Q: Do you stream?
A: sadly No! But Check Out Some Of My Friends Stream http://www.twitch.tv/gdgamerdragon | http://www.twitch.tv/immajikyakno

Q: How Often Do You upload?
A: I Upload about 1-5 videos a week!

Q: Are you willing to teach me and help me improve?
A: Of course! Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll give you the best feedback I can.

Q: How Old Are You?
A: I Am 15

Q: Do You Enjoy Making Videos?
A: Yes I Do!

Q: Will You Add me On League Of Legends?
A: Yes|Ign:iiAmAko|Na Server


41 Comments on Terraria iOS hacked world 1.3 UPDATE – By xXtcikotciXx

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  2. stuff you will loss. your character in your most hard stuff you found if you do one thing I will make you a God at terraria in if you become a God no one can hert you expect you will not be able to craft the sinper in

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