Terraria iOS 1.2 Update

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Terraria Hardmode Update iOS
Terraria 1.2 Mobile

The 1.2 Update! This update is larger than the 1.1 Update content wise.

Mini Change Log:

4 New Bosses
8 New NPCs
6 New Hardmode Armors
New Ore
New Weapons/Accessories.

LINK FOR WORLD AND PLAYER FILE: (Because popular demand)


I’ll make more videos after this one on Mob Grinders, Bugs, and Etc.

They will most likely update it again around Christmas. They may add up to 1.2.2 content which adds the Frost Moon (Christmas themed event). If not we will just have to wait a bit longer.


Terraria Hard Mode
Terraria 1.2 Mobile
Terraria iOS

Release Date December 4 2014

PS. I missed the Dye Trader NPC for Pre-hard mode. Oops.
PSS. I can’t spell Giant.
PSS wow 200k veiws O.o
Edit 300k @.@

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