Terraria 1.3 Top Tips & Tricks #2 | 1.3 Tutorial | Glitch | Hack Guide

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Welcome to the Happy’s Terraria 1.3 Top Tips & Tricks series! After we’ve been playing Terraria for a while we learn lots of tips, shortcuts, hacks, glitches, and awesome gameplay features that make Terraria even more fun to play! This is a community involvement series and you can have your name featured in the next video by sharing your awesome tips & tricks in the comments! Enjoy ­čÖé

HappyDays’ Slime Invulnerability Trick / AFK Farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QIhDKyQ_kg&ab_channel=HappyDays

HappyCrew Daily Viewer Challenge Question: What are you best tips/tricks/secrets for Terraria 1.3?

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37 Comments on Terraria 1.3 Top Tips & Tricks #2 | 1.3 Tutorial | Glitch | Hack Guide

  1. THE GEYSER GLITCH!!!!! The one where you make 4 2 by 1 platforms and put geysers on each. They need to be in a square formation with a 2 tile wide space in the middle. Then, put a trap door in between the top two geyser platforms. Start spam opening and closing the door, and you have infinite geysers to sell!!!´╗┐

  2. I think I found a new glitch for infinite flying:
    Equip the Jetpack + Frostspark Boots. I dont know if it makes sense but the Jetpack must be equipped in the 1st slot and the Frostpark Boots in the 3rd slot.´╗┐

  3. So ill be taking damage from the slime not the bosses and since I'm a summoner let my pets and dauleus storm bow do all the work huh welp I'm not sleeping tonight´╗┐

  4. For the infinite bait it is really good to use flares to break the grass. They last for about 10 minutes each. Just set something on your mouse and keep swinging.´╗┐

  5. Trick :
    Auto Pause Moon Lord Cheese

    This trick is for cheesing the moon lord and it works the old nurse trick doesnt work that good anymore since the moon lord teleports too you but this optimized version works great !

    just build a flying house with 3 block thick walls. they must be that thick to block the explosion damage from those green bolts the eyes shoot. then dont use a door. use a 4 block high row of platforms on the right side of the room because the cosmic car key mount is too big for a 3 block high door. then set your spawn in the room using a bed and turn "Auto Pause" on in the settings. now when youre at like 50% health during the fight quick switch to your magic mirror using your mouse wheel and as soon as it teleports you in the nurse room press Escape to open your inventory which will pause your game because you turned on Auto pause. DO NOT KLICK THE NURSE WHEN YOU GET TELEPORTED IN THE ROOM BECAUSE YOU MAY ACCIDENTALLY CLICK THE BED AND REMOVE YOUR SPAWN!!! go in your inventory first and from there go with your mouse on the nurse and right click. if she stands in front of the bed click her head which will be 1 block above the bed because clicking a npc in front of a bed will klick both. the NPC and the bed. then just fly through the platform door and repeat.´╗┐

  6. to get a heaven bow from hallowed mimics place all the water candles and turtle or beatle set put traps and use the invincibility trick spike trap and in a big hallow biom. (it works for me)´╗┐

  7. If you're in mobile version this will work great.
    If you don't like what the traveling merchant sells, exit your world and rejoin your world and the traveling merchant have new stuff for ya.
    You're welcome.´╗┐

  8. I got 6 stacks of wooden crates, 2 stacks of iron crates and 1 stack of golden crates for my expert playtrough and I have not yet defeated skeletron, I also got 3 stacks of crate potions. Anyone is going to think I have to need to mine?´╗┐

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