Tech Tips : Basic WhatsApp Tips you can use

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In this video of Tech Tips I show some of the helpful tips & tricks and features that I use with WhatsApp for privacy and enhancing it’s functionality.

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48 Comments on Tech Tips : Basic WhatsApp Tips you can use

  1. Please try to launch vedios in Hindi as well

    India has country where it's bad that everybody fighting with English

    learn from chines and Japanese…how they respect there mother launguage

  2. Sir i wnt to know thai if some one using my account on wts aap web from another device then how i can deactivate that from my device sir please tell me as early as possible

  3. Hi Ranjit,
    I am using oneplus 2, and recently it's OS got updated to marshmallow (android 6.0.1). But since then I am unable to download/upload media, contacts, maps or files from whatsapp. When I try to provide "Permission" to the app in app settings for downloading the files, I get a message "Screen Overlay detected". But in the "Draw Over other apps" screen I do not have whatsapp available. Can you please help me with this issue.

  4. Hi Ranjit,
    Great video, thank you! Could you please advise what i can do to save/continue with my whatsapp history when phone and number is changed, in addition, can i remain in the whatsapp groups? Thank you for your advice!

  5. @geekyranjit ANOTHER TIP:sir the old backups of watsapp can be easily cleaned with the help of "c-cleaner"(the recent doesn't get erased) .This helps a lot!

  6. thanks very informative. i wanted to use the whats app in desktop while working. its just takes more time to switch from laptop to phone and you just solved the problem. thanks . keep those videos coming .

  7. Clearly there are people who got atleast one tip from this video. Even if not, he clearly states- BASIC WhatsApp tips. Whatelse do you expect by reading the term- "BASIC"!?

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