Tap! Top 7 Plague Inc Tips!

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Welcome back to Tap! Home of the best iOS and Android games! We give you a run down of the top 7 tips for world domination in Plague Inc!
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12 Comments on Tap! Top 7 Plague Inc Tips!

  1. I have this game on my iPad, and I occasionally play it. I'm the worst at playing this (normally play Easy mode, but sometimes Normal mode), but I still like to play it.
    I usually go for the Prion (it's slow and subtle) and slowly work my way through some of the Abilities first, as well as a couple Transmissions too. I don't touch the symptoms until I'm noticed, however sometimes I'll choose a symptom that's very minor and non-lethal (or sometimes it'll mutate a symptom). Also for choosing a country I choose Greenland, as it's always been the one country I could never infect.

    Dunno why I mentioned all that, I doubt anyone would care. Oh well! :D

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