Tap Tap Trillionaire Gameplay Tips & Tricks

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A brand new Tap Tap Trillionaire video for you where I am sharing some gameplay tips and tricks that will help you get more money quickly. You might have already figured them out – but you might’ve not, so check out the video. If you’re a beginner or just starting to play, this will surely save you a lot of trouble and give you a head start in Tap Tap Trillionaire.

Do you have any questions regarding the game or would you like to see me share something in particular? Let me know by commenting below.

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8 Comments on Tap Tap Trillionaire Gameplay Tips & Tricks

  1. Tip for TRADERS: Get the 4-5 star trader that has a powerup "Increase (no.) of money you get when offline", 3 of them, then just use your 1-3 star trader and upgrade it to lvl 50 (dont worry they're super cheap, and more cheaper than the 4-5 stars when upgrading)

  2. Hi Touch Tap Play! I'm Jeremy@Pixio! I'm glad you enjoyed our game, and thanks for educating our players! Will definitely let you know when we have future releases.

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