T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1S Unboxing and First Look

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This phone was returned to T-Mobile! The bootloader is locked, my my Wife really wanted to restore her stuff. I can’t recommend this phone. Seriously, wait for the Sony Xperia Z2!

My Sprint Subscribers, PLEASE watch this video. I talk about Sprint vs T-Mobile, and the area I live in. This is an Unboxing of the T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1S, as well as a first look, setup, and etc.

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I can NOT recommend this phone at this time! The bootloader is LOCKED, there isn’t a root method available, and the Z2 comes out next month (In April), and other High End phones are coming out right around the corner.

We MAY take this back and get the LG G2 instead, because it has Root available right now.

Sony Z1S Bounty Thread: http://bit.ly/1hJMSrq

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  1. Hey sorry wasn't trying to be a dick at all. I can see how my tone sounds like it from my other posts. I was just replying to a couple things you said on the video I found interesting. My wife would kill me if I tried to root her note 2. We've had Tmobile for over 7 years and love it. Good choice. I actually bought their nexus 5 from Tmobile a couple weeks ago and love it. I came from the HTC one which was also an awesome phone. The z1s is too big for my tastes. Great video. 

  2. Will you please check out Apex Launcher? I really like it, more customizable than Nova. You probably don't need that much customization but hey, maybe you will like it.

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