T-Mobile HTC 10, A Second look! [FULL REVIEW]

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I listened to the people in the comments of my other video review of the HTC 10, and so…I’m giving the HTC 10, A Second look!

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24 Comments on T-Mobile HTC 10, A Second look! [FULL REVIEW]

  1. I had the iPhone 6s and had the galaxy s7 and this is what I chose . iphone best in messaging experience and the galaxy s7 great display . besides that you really can customize iphone so I got bored and gave the iPhone up but the s7 I wanst too sure but what made my mind up was the s7 speakers and headphones experience sound was lower to the iPhone 6s. There always on display and water resistant where gimmicks even if you wet the phone you have to dry before you try and plug your phone to charge or you will get a warning saying water detected so you have to dry it out. I sold the s7 bought the HTC 10 and my only complaint was the keyboard but issue was fix once I downloaded Google keyboard everything okay now. Now in sound comparison both in headphones and speaker louder then both but the headphone jack is a experience you have to experience outstanding sound . I chose the HTC 10 because it's customizable in every category when it comes to the icon wallpaper and and making your own theme and even the app joor . galaxy s7 is gimmicks and iphone is restricted now htc display is not that bright but if you download lux light problem solved . hopefully I help anyone

  2. weirdly, my T-Mobile HTC 10 can't automatically update the time zone by does update the time & date, this issue doesn't allow the lockscreen widget give weather information, i was even given another and still the issue persists; 2 T-Mo HTC 10s (in Puerto Rico) and still… i wonder if any other user has had that issue…

    P.S. – this phone is sick, good at everything, i have even gotten 6hrs SoT

  3. in one of the phones transitions right after you switched themes there seemed to be some lag. was that my eyes playing tricks on me or did you find the phone to be laggy in your testing?

  4. I truly respect when someone admits a mistake and tries to correct it. I'm happy that you are pleased with the HTC 10 now and that you're truly enjoying it. This is a cool phone, but I wish this phone had a second option of a 6 inch display. Great job brother. Cheers!!

  5. Yes I just didn't get your first review. I am not saying this is revolutionary or the greatest but what it does well to some of us is vastly more important than waterproofing. The speaker and audio are the main features for me and if it doesn't match the S7 in certain areas then so be it, I don't care, especially bearing in mind the internal specs are the same. This all metal durable body is far more sensible than the glass s7. I also like the future proof USB-C and a separated SD card. I am not convinced with amoled, if they were such a big deal then all laptops would be amoled, just a great marketing gimmick by Samsung, blow out the colours and users think wow. After a while that just gets on my nerves especially as I have light sensitive eyes and amoled seem to exacerbate that. The HTC is a good phone as is the S7 and it's down to subjective choices, the S7 has a lot of gimmicks where the HTC has more useful features IMO, other opinions may differ. Good to see a fairer review as I was rather perplexed by the initial review.

  6. First to comment. Lol. Doesn't really matter anyways.

    Would you recommend the HTC 10 over Note 5? I'm currently using a Note 5 and the battery doesn't seem too ideal to me so I'm trying to switch to another phone but don't know which one. Pretty much looking into a phone with good performance and battery, and decent display and camera.

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