T Mobile G1 by HTC Unboxing and Initial Setup | Android Flashback

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Josh Vergara takes a look at the one that started it all: The T-Mobile G1. It’s legendary but how does it hold up to today’s standards? Tune in to find out!

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42 Comments on T Mobile G1 by HTC Unboxing and Initial Setup | Android Flashback

  1. shit this was my first smartphone and it tooka beating. i actually tried to break it at one point bc i was 14…but i never did break, the batery died after i had it for 2 years and that the end of it.

  2. @Android Authority:
    This is actually not an "original sim card". It is miniSIM. Yep, mini. The original was size of credit card. Usually when you buy sim card you get it but people does not rember today that there were phones that took this size

  3. I miss keyboards so much. I would kill for a newer phone with a keyboard. I have an iPhone 6+ right now, and while I love it, if something like the HTC One got I keyboard, or the Galaxy S6 Edge, I would drop my iPhone in an instant.

  4. samsung moment was one of the first too… god i loved that thing, i still got mine
    the ui was kinda crappy and when i got the galaxy s1 (slide out keyboard version) it was fantastic, then the s2 blew me away like woah. Never had the s3 but then the s4 was real neat, skipping 5 in hopes that the 6 will soon be fantastic, if not i may get the note4 or wait for note 5

  5. Could you do a flashback on Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 or Nokia N900? Back in 2008 X1, N900, G1 and first iPhone were somewhat of a representations where smartphones could go after Symbian started to fall apart. Do a flashback of last hurrahs of mobile platforms which failed once Android and iOS started to rule the industry. In 2008 you could choose between first iOS, last of Windows Mobile (6.1 or 6.5), Symbian UIQ on Samsung phones or Symbian S60 on Nokia phones, Maemo on N900 (that was a good one, but simply lacked any support) and first of Android on G1.

  6. My first smartphone was the HTC Rezound. I got the wonderful Gingerbread experience. Android Market experience. And full size SIM cards. It was pretty much the last phone to have that stuff since the Galaxy Nexus came out shortly after with all the new standards.

  7. Lol currently have a Oneplus One, and a Note,3 ,S4 Nexus 4, HTC One, HTC One S, Galaxy S3, …. Ext. before that.. Picked up my Nexus s and it feels like a toy… All my phones before my OPO and Note 3 feel like toys and my old G1 and my touch looks and feels like a joke lmao

  8. This is a great concept, good luck with not getting frustrated hahaha. Physical keyboards are only as great as the attention put into them by the manufacturer. The G1 keyboard has an inefficient layout as well as poor overall button feel and actuation. So not a good representation of a physical keyboard, but at least the whole process of sliding up the screen to type is fun.

  9. It really is bizarre picking up older smaller phones. I currently have an S5 and briefly and LG G3 before that. I took my old Bold 9780 out of the drawer and played with it. Man my hands grew giant in one second. I literally thought they grew it was crazy. Im on Tmo and thought about picking up an old MyTouchSlide or Sidekick(the last one made) Because I love slider keyboards and miss them. I also miss trackball/optical trackpads. I had the 1st Droid Incredible years ago and LOVED the trackpad. Very useful when selecting text or filling out forms. I dont see why they couldnt bring that back.

  10. I remember when i was 16, i started working. And i needed a phone. I had originaly gone to AT&T to get an iPhone. But for some reason decided i wanted something different. So I went to Tmobile and just played with this phone. I got it that day. This phone brought stock and I loved it. Now I got a Nexus 6.

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