SyncNScan Basic Mobile Insurance for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (4000-9999)

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syncNscan is your complete mobile protection plan. It protects your data by backing it up on the cloud servers and protects your Mobile via Iffco Tokio from theft, accidental damage, and loss. The screen and motherboard (internal circuitry) are the most expensive parts of a mobile. A screen cracking or mobile not working due to liquid entering the phone is very common. Mobiles can also get stolen or damaged in other ways. syncNscan protects you against all such scenarios. In addition, if your mobile is lost or stolen, you can also recover your precious data like Contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Videos and Photos that are backed up on servers securely. In case of theft or loss Remotely activate the alarm, lock your mobile and wipe your personal data. Now you can live your mobile life free of worries about losing your data or damaging/stealing of your mobile. Terms & Conditions: 1. Plan valid for 1 year. 2. Valid for mobiles (Phones & Tablets/iPads with SIM). 3. syncNscan product should be…

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