Super-fast app switching – iOS 9 Multitasking Tips and Tricks

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Access iOS 9’s Multitasking features without using the home button?

Step-by-step instructions:

Today I’m going to show you something I discovered while reviewing the Thule Atmos X5. I was a little surprised by this discovery but it may prove to be useful to some of you when it comes to app switching and Multi-Tasking.

Most people know how to get to MultiTasking by double clicking the home button. I do have to say that Multi-Tasking went through a big upgrade in iOS 9 as you now swipe apps from the left instead of the right. Go Apple.

Now this other method, which I discovered by accident, is another way to access MultiTasking that doesn’t require double clicking which makes app switching little quicker if you can master it. And you have an iPhone 6s version.

This new method only requires you to press and swipe left, starting at the edge of the screen. There are two actions here as…

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  2. Great! I don't watch your case and accessories reviews, but I think your smartphone/smart watch reviews are better than typical reviews from sites like the Verge or Engadget. Would love to see more videos like these… How about a review of Samsung's latest smartphones? ?

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