SUPER BALL JUGGLING App Tips and Tricks ( Flappy Bird 2 )

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Super Ball Juggling – FLAPPY BIRD 2 (iPhone Gameplay Video) This is a video on a new app called Super ball juggling. This app is basically the same concept as flappy bird. all you have to do is keep the soccer ball up in the air with your 2 players. I will tell you some tips and trick for the app super ball juggling and how to keep the ball in the air longer and get more kicks.
More info about the Super Ball Juggling game app:
How many times you can juggle these two balls?
[How to play]
– Tap left/right side of screen to kick
– Don’t let the ball fall
– Try to archive 4 medals
This game is difficult.
This is the developer for flappy bird , super ball juggler and shuriken block apps

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  1. Yooo this kid is wack. You gotta look at the top left corner of your screen with your right eye only when the second ball appears. Its a rookie mistake to stare at the center of the screen. Do you really think they would make it that easy.

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